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Yoga on Main offers Yoga classes; certification courses in Yoga and Ayurveda; continuing Yoga education, devotional chanting (Kirtans), Vedic studies, breath work, transformational and Shamanic workshops, wellness services and much more featuring a variety of acclaimed teachers and renowned special guests.


Our Inner Fire classes are designed to affect all aspects of the physical body and to activate the Chakras. The Chakras are the seven primary energy centers in the subtle body that when activated will become more open and aligned. Each class includes an intention (like honesty or contentment), a focus on the relationship between body and breath and an artful blend of movement and stillness.


Inner Fire classes offer challenging and gentler posture variations, the use of mantras and a continual focus on mental concentration.

Students are encouraged to start with Inner Fire Beginners classes to develop a strong foundation with basic techniques to ease the body into a regular practice.


We require pre-registration 30 minutes before class. 

Silence all cell phones - please note that we have a 'no cell phone policy' during class to reduce distraction for students.

Let your belly be empty and your mind be open! We recommend no food at least 1 hour before class.

Wear comfortable clothes.

We suggest arriving 10 minutes prior to the start of class to allow time to get settled and relaxed.


Discuss any medical issues with your teacher before taking class. This includes but is not limited to current and/or previous injuries, pregnancy, hypertension, etc.


This is a safe space to ask any questions you may have before, during or after class!


Teachers are available for private sessions.

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